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The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are agreed between, on the one hand, the company MAT COMPANY, SAS. with a capital of €7,000, which has its headquarters in 98 RN20 - 45520 Cercottes, and which is registered on the Trade and Companies Registry of Orléans under the number 794 285 445 00019, (hereinafter referred to as "ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS"), and, on the other hand, any user of the website wishing to make a purchase from ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS via the website, or use its services (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”).

The Clients and ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS adhere to these terms and conditions without reserve and the fact of sending an order to ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS via the present service implies that the Client also accepts this adhesion.

The present terms and conditions of sale may be modified at any time by ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS; that is why we ask Clients to read them closely before each purchase.

By validating the basket and placing the order, the Client confirms that he has read these Terms and Conditions of Sale and is deemed to have accepted them without reserve.

All of the information is presented in English. The client declares that he has the full legal capacity allowing him to agree to conform with the present general conditions of sale. 


1.1: Products for sale

The products available for sale on the website will be the subject of an individual product sheet which, at the very least, will present the essential characteristics of the product using the information provided by the manufacturer. Owing to the made-to-measure character of the products, the photos may differ from the manufactured product according to differences in size or other criteria. Also, despite the care taken with the quality of the photographs, differences in colours between photographs on a computer screen and reality may arise but may not, under any circumstances, give rise to a refund of any kind.

The details of products sold on ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS can be found in its online catalogue. The articles are for sale subject to available stock.

1.2: Made-to-measure product

According to the options chosen, the final price of the product may vary. These made-to-measure products are manufactured specially to order for the Client and, therefore, are not stocked in advance. Furthermore, customisation is carried out under the sole responsibility of the Client and ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS declines any responsibility if the measurements provided are incorrect.

2  – ORDER 

Out of a concern to offer the Client the very best price, orders are received via the Internet. Any order placed in any format other than the dedicated form on the website will not be taken into account unless prior express written permission has been obtained from ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS.

Any order paid will give rise to the receipt of a confirmation message summarising the order sent to the e-mail used to place the order , at the very latest at the time of delivery. To that end, the user should take the necessary precautions to ensure that the e-mail sent is not blocked by an e-mail filter system. ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS may not be held responsible if this e-mail is deleted by an "anti-SPAM" type process.

Orders sent to TAPIS D'ENTREE are irrevocable and may only be cancelled or modified subject to ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS’s written agreement.Any request to cancel or modify an order by the Client must be made in writing using the contact form available on the website.


3.1: Price to pay

All the prices on our website are provided in euros and include VAT.

The price to pay is the final price of the product(s), namely the initial price with the addition, if applicable, of the cost of the customisation options chosen by the Client, as well as all the order's additional costs (such as, for example but not limited to, delivery costs, service options, etc.).

The prices indicated include the cost of processing orders, transport and delivery. 

3.2: Delivery costs:

Delivery costs are payable for each order placed. The exact amount of the delivery costs depends on where the order has to be sent as well as the order’s content. The amount of the delivery costs will be indicated in your basket and will be subject to your approval when validating the basket. The Client will find the amount of the delivery costs on most of the product sheets.

3.3: Payment methods, discount and VAT

Orders are payable immediately using the methods available on the website.

Therefore, no discounts will apply.

In the case of a change to the VAT rate, the price will be modified automatically without any notice other than the date on which the new rate should apply. For orders exempt from VAT, the provisions of the French General Tax Code will apply.

3.4: Price variations

For production and logistical reasons, or for any other reason, the price of a product may vary from one operation to another.

We reserve the right to modify prices without prior notice. Subject to the paragraph below, the prices given at the time of purchase are the prices which apply to this purchase.

3.5: Foreign currency

The prices are in GBP. 


Products must be paid for when ordering on the website via credit card or other available payment methods. According to the value of the order, the destination of the delivery and any other objective criteria, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS reserves the right to limit access to certain payment methods.

The Client will find the payment methods available once he has placed objects in the basket. ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS does not accept any payment method other than those mentioned in the help section since the system is not designed to process other payment methods.

The price to pay is the one shown on the Website when validating the basket and corresponds to the total price of the objects chosen, the delivery costs, and any other options which may be available (services, guarantees, etc.), as well as VAT, minus any discounts (reductions, vouchers, etc.).

The sale is concluded on receipt of payment.


Online payments are made under the sole responsibility of the bank. ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS has opted for the CIC PAIEMENT solution.

The DEBIT card number is entered by the Client on a secure page hosted by the bank.It is not known to ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS, which does not, under any circumstances, have access to confidential data concerning the payment method.


The Client may order any product appearing in the permanent catalogue. Because of "made-to-measure" manufacturing and the unity of certain products, only the confirmation sent by ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS at the time of placing the order guarantees product availability.

In the frame of "Special Offers", Clients may order products for sale only during the period of sale indicated on the website or until the maximum quantity of the products available has been exhausted.

If a product is not available, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS will make a refund, at no charge, within a maximum period of thirty (30) working days.

Also, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS declines all responsibility owing to unavailability and will not be required to pay any compensation for any reason whatsoever.


7.1 Delivery times

Delivery times are provided as an indication. It is agreed that the delivery times for customised products start from the date of the end of manufacturing. For made-to-measure customised products, delays in manufacturing and delivery may not give rise to any penalty or compensation, or the order's cancellation.

7.2: Delivery methods

Deliveries are sent by the most appropriate transporter and the package to be delivered is under its responsibility.

7.3: Rights and duties

Deliveries are sent to the delivery address indicated on the order form.

When placing the order, the Client must ensure that the delivery address entered and the telephone number are correct.

Neither ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS nor the transporter chosen may be held responsible in the case of being unable to deliver owing to an error in the delivery address, the inability of the transporter to reach the Client's delivery address, or the Client's absence. In the case of being unable to deliver on the day of the appointment owing to an error in the information or access difficulties, the order will be left as close as possible to the delivery address.  It is also specified that deliveries stop at the ground floor and the entrance door to the residence in the case of an apartment. The transporter will not deliver to the apartment door under any circumstances. In the case of the Client being absent at the agreed appointment with the transporter, additional delivery costs may be invoiced by ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS. Also, if the Client asks to receive delivery at a different address from the one indicated in the order, any additional delivery costs will be invoiced by ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS. In the case of the non-payment of these costs, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS reserves the right not to deliver the product. Any damages resulting from these constraints will also be payable by the Client.

7.4: Receipt of the order

Our stores have been selected because they meet maximum standards in the field of anomaly rates. Despite the care taken with packaging, they may be subject to an impact during transport.

Be vigilant when you receive the goods!

The Client must sign the delivery slip only after checking, in the presence of the transporter, that

  • The order is destined for him
  • the number of packages corresponds to the number indicated on the delivery slip
  • the product conforms and is in good condition

The receipt of the order is under the client's responsibility.


ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS reserves ownership of the goods sold until full payment of the main and accessory price. In the case of safeguard, receivership, liquidation procedures by the Client, the ownership of any goods delivered which have not been paid for may be claimed by ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS.

The goods remain the property of ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS until the full payment of their price has been received. It is forbidden for the Client to resell them, transform them or install them before this payment has been received.

The present provisions are not an obstacle to the transfer of risks to the Client as soon as the goods sold have been delivered.


9.1 Conformity warranty

In the case of the delivered product’s non-conformity, the Client may return the goods within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of delivery, in its original packaging, with its accessories, and in as new condition. No returns should be sent to ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS's address. ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS will inform the Client of the address to use for any returns. ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS will cover any costs of replacing or repairing the product, as well as the cost of returns and deliveries, subject to the non-conformity being proved.

9.2 Warranty against latent defects

Notwithstanding specific warranties, Clients benefit from the legal warranty against latent defects on our products in accordance with law.

9.3 Contractual warranty

The products distributed by ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS are subject to a warranty for any manufacturing defects or premature wear. The duration of the warranty differs according to the products and starts from the date of delivery. The Client will find the warranty periods on each product sheet. In order to make a claim covered by the warranty, the Client must contact ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS by e-mail using the contact form available on the website and detailing the defects observed. ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS will be able to ask the Client for a digital photo in order to analyse the reasons for the anomaly.

Before agreeing to the product being covered by the warranty, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS will verify that:

  • The product conforms to the product sent to the Client, without any specific modifications.
  • The defect noted by the Client is not the consequence
    • of abnormal use of the product.
    • an installation defect or an incorrect measurement


If the conditions are met, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS may have the product repaired at its own cost or may replace it with another equivalent product, or refund the Client with a voucher corresponding to the value at the time of its acquisition. ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS's responsibility may not be greater than the value of the item in question. 

In the case of a product under guarantee being returned, the cost of the return and redelivery will be paid for by ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS.


10.1 Right of withdrawal for customised products or made-to-measure products:

In accordance with the provisions of the EU Consumer Code, the Client has the opportunity to withdraw after ordering provided that the products ordered have not been made according to the Client's specifications and have become clearly customised.

We draw the Client's attention to the fact that the right to withdrawal of seven (7) days for standard products does not apply to products which have been customised, namely the choice of a specific dimension and/or a specific colour.


 ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS, the ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS logo, the website's content (texts, graphic work, photographs, etc.) and the domain names are either protected brands registered with the French National Institute of Industrial Property, or are covered by copyright.

They are the exclusive property of ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS and may not be used under any circumstance without our written agreement, which also means that links with other websites are strictly prohibited without our agreement. The website's graphic and editorial elements, as well as the presentation of our products (photographs, videos, drawings, product sheets, etc.), whether they are for sale or not, are also the property of ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS or its partners (suppliers, agencies, etc.) and, therefore, may not be reproduced without the express authorisation of their respective titleholder(s). Any reproduction, representation or alteration of all or part of our graphic and/or editorial elements or any product presentation constitutes a breach of our intellectual property rights and will be prosecuted and punished as such.


ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS does not give, rent or sell its client database to other companies.

This site has been declared to the French Data Protection Agency under the number 1479728.

ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS undertakes not to use confidential information about its clients for any purpose other than for the management of its Website.

On the first request of the Client no longer wishing to appear in ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS's database, we undertake to deactivate all of the contact details and information concerning the member.

ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS may apply technical resources to obtain non-personal information about web surfers which is designed to improve the website's functioning, for example by tracking the number of visitors to the site.

Also ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS only collects personal data, such as surname, first name, address and e-mail address if these are provided to it voluntarily by the visitor.

Each member has the right to access, modify, rectify or delete data which concerns him (article 34 of the French Data Freedom Act). To exercise this right, send an e-mail to ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS at the address, or, at any time, modify the details in "Connection".


 The Client is responsible for the completeness and veracity of the information he provides to ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS, in particular the choice of product, the entry of measurements and the delivery address.

ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS may not be held responsible for any errors in data entries resulting in delivery errors or other problems. Also, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS may not be held responsible for any errors committed by the Client and/or for the Client's non-compliance with delivery methods and appointments which he made with the transporter. If necessary, any costs arising for the redelivery and storage of products will be payable by the Client.

Without dismissing the previous paragraphs, ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS's responsibility with regard to the present Terms and Conditions of Sale may not exceed a sum equal to the sums paid or payable during the transaction behind the afore-mentioned responsibility, whatever the case or the form of the action concerned. All facts or circumstances which are irresistible, unpredictable and independent of the wishes of the Parties are considered as fortuitous events or cases of force majeure, in particular, in the case of a full or partial strike by transporters and natural disasters such as floods or fires.

The choice and purchase of goods are under the Client's sole responsibility. Consequently, the complete or partial inability to use the products, in particular for incompatible causes or incorrect measurements or a lack of knowledge about how to install the products will not give rise to any compensation, refund or entail ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS's liability.


 The present Terms and Conditions of Sale will be implemented and interpreted in accordance with French law.

Before any legal proceedings, the parties will seek to reach an amicable agreement.

A dispute of any kind or a complaint concerning the formation or the implementation of the order, even in the case of a warranty claim or plurality of defendants, will be the sole competence of the Court of Commerce of Orléans (France) within the area of which our headquarters are based.


 If, for whatever reason, one or more clauses of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale were pronounced null and void, illegal or inapplicable owing to a law, a regulation, or following a judgement by a competent court, this modification will not challenge the validity, legality, or applicability of the other stipulations of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale and will not dispense the Client or ENTRANCE MATTING SYSTEMS from carrying out its contractual obligations.