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Classic doormats, resistant mats for everyday use

Indoor doormats effectively absorb dirt and moisture. Made with 100% polypropylene fibres with a vinyl underlay, or 100% polyamide fibres and machine washable at 30 °C, they come in a range of very fashionable colours. Standard dimensions (40 mm x 60 mm) or maximum dimensions (300 mm x 150 mm), they can be adapted to all types of entrance layouts. The functional and decorative mats for outdoor use are made with a variety of materials: rubber mat, artificial turf mat in 100% polyethylene fibre, spaghetti loop mat in extruded PVC, or coir mat.

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From £12.20 Inc. Tax
CLASSIC CALCUTTA - Doormat for outdoor use, in green

Comes in 3 colours

Outdoor mat for all seasons, functional and decorative


From £65.53 Inc. Tax

Comes in 4 colours

Cleaning doormat to be placed on the floor


From £25.04 Inc. Tax
CLASSIC ZWINGER - Classic doormat in BROWN

Comes in 8 colours

Cleaning doormat to be placed on the floor