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Mats by the roll are a must for high traffic areas

For the entrance hall of stores, buildings, hotels and corridors, our team offers a varied range of rolled carpets. Designed to withstand frequent passages, they are resistant and have a good absorption capacity. Essential to keep a clean entrance and to welcome properly and warmly your customers and collaborators, they are available in many colors (red, blue, black, beige ... etc.), materials and dimensions. By roll and meter, they are easily cut so that you can adjust perfectly to your spaces. They are easy to install and, above all, they allow you to protect your floor and secure passages by reducing the number of falls by sliding.

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From £153.67 Inc. Tax
By The Roll LOUVRE

Comes in 3 colours

Cleaning doormat to be placed on the floor


From £214.66 Inc. Tax

Comes in 6 colours

Cleaning doormat to be placed on the floor


From £270.88 Inc. Tax

Comes in 8 colours

Cleaning doormat to be placed on the floor

Models that fit your needs

Our roller mat collection meets the requirements and constraints of professionals. Indeed, we know that in places open to the public, passages are very frequent everyday. It is therefore important that your visitors can enter your establishment without problems and without messing up your entrance. Effectively absorbing moisture and retaining dirt, they are ideal for keeping the floor clean. Similarly, they reduce the noise of footsteps, which is more comfortable for your teams. And thanks to their easy cutting, you adapt them within one metre to your entrance or your corridor while offering your visitors a warm welcome or space !

Our online catalogue of carpet in high traffic per meter

By equipping yourself on our site, you benefit from an important choice of models. We offer roller mats for indoors and outdoors, covered or not. All will fit perfectly in your entrance, whether in a hotel or a shop or establishment open to the public. They are also suitable for corridors and places of passage since they can be cut by the meter. Similarly, various sizes are available, from the smallest to the largest (200 cm x 1000 cm for example). The thickness varies according to the references, from 6 to 30 mm. For their manufacture, robust and aesthetic materials have been favored such as cotton fibers, polypropylene with a rigid latex under layer, or polyamide with a vinyl under layer. In addition, you will find classic colors including red and black, or bright colors, heathered or striped tones, which will complete your decoration with elegance and modernity.